Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kynslie, 6 months old

We had such a good time with baby Kynslie and her parents a few weeks ago! Not only were all three of them up for just about anything we suggested, but they also had the cutest outfits for Kynslie, and adorable and complimentary outfits for the three of them together.

How can you not love dimply baby butts?! One of my favs!

And another favorite of mine, and Kynslie's momma's favorite too!

There's something about this next photo that just seems to show the perfect tenderness between a baby and mom's touch.

Chrissy came out with these amazing sparkly letters, aren't they just PERFECT!! I think every baby should get pictures with wooden letters that spell their name!

After all of that fun Kynslie needed a quick nap, which allowed for some sweet family pictures in bed.

Hello gorgeous family with an awesomely put together wardrobe!!

One last sweet "ballerina" picture, could Kynslie look an sweeter glancing up at her momma?!

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