Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Olympic Gold Medalist!

Last week a very famous Olympian was in town speaking about the 6 pillars or character for a huge crowd of girl scouts and people from the community. Matt and I were asked by the girl scouts to take photographs of Shawn Johnson with each of the VIP groups after the presentation. We were definitely thrilled to have the opportunity to meet a gymnast who has won an Olympic gold medal!

She was very kind, humble, and sweet. She took time to sign each and every picture, leotard, and paper that was handed to her. We had a blast hanging out with her for a while.

**Funny side story- She had finished her press conference and had some extra time before her talk so she was looking out through the glass at all of the people entering the arena. As she was standing there there were about 15 adults in the room that all stood 20 feet away staring (myself included). I felt bad that no one was really talking to her so I took it upon myself to walk up to her, and ask her what she thought of this years Dancing with the Stars competitors (since she won last year, I figured she had an opinion). So we began a ten minute conversation about all of the stars and what she thought of them. She was super kind and it was weird to be having such a "normal" conversation with her.

Anyway, what you really came to see were the pictures, so here are just a few.
(Please ignore the fact that we look like mammoths!)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Children's Photography - Grace & Olivia

About a week ago I was able to photograph some very sweet little girls, Grace and Olivia. Her mom and I had quite the time keeping Olivia happy, but it was well worth it! I'm never afraid to make a fool of myself for a good laugh, so yes... I danced. Something not many people have had to see, but these two girls did.

Love how sweet they look in this picture, and they totally are sweeties!

Olivia just turned a year old and is definitely on the move these days!

Grace just turned 4 years old, what a cutie!

How can you not love two girls in tutus?!

And last but not least, if people sent Easter cards out this would definitely be my favorite one to receieve:

Happy Easter - Enjoy Your Candy Before Someone Steals it!

Still to come this week:
1) Someone =) got to take this girl's VIP pictures last week.

2) Baby Isaiah's very adorable 3 month pictures.

A cool photograph lunchbox!

Looking for an awesome way to be able to see your photographs each day?! Then this is the perfect solution for you. After your photo session pick out a few of your favorite, fun photographs and they will come back on a lunchbox! I love this idea. I think it is so fun, allows you to "show" off your family, and will bring a smile to your face every day at lunch. Make sure you let me know if this is something that you are interested in, if you have already had your photo shoot with Matt and I we can order these (in 3 sizes) for you now, or if you are looking forward to a photo shoot with us we can order one for you after. Happy lunching!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sneak Peek at the two cutest ballerina's ever

This is one of my favorites that stood out to me tonight as I was editing Grace & Olivia's pictures. More to come later this week!

Monday, March 15, 2010

3 reasons to look at this cutie again

Lots of reasons to show this cutie again. One is because he's adorable, two because I just got this new storyboard and I love it and I wanted to see how it looked on the blog, and three because I get to take this cutie pie's 3 month old pictures in just a week, I can't believe he's 3 months already!

Then it all went crashing down

You might remember a few weeks ago when I wrote about my dad's silo that had been iced down and made into a climbing competition. The other night my dad called to tell me he had heard a HUGE thud outside, when he walked out this is what he found. THANK GOODNESS no one was around when it fell. Last year it slowly melted off and was much more calm, this year it went out with a bang!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chris, Andrea, Izzy & Wyatt

This afternoon Matt and I got to spend some time with Chris, Andrea, Izzy & Wyatt. Izzy and Wyatt had a ton of energy, so we had quite the time keeping up! They were up for just about anything that we suggested, gotta love people who are up for anything!

The whole family

Andrea wanted a few pictures of just her and Chris, I LOVE this idea! It's not very often that parents will get pictures alone, it should definitely be done more often!

The kids

We headed outside for a few pictures. It was only about 40 degrees and VERY foggy, but we worked with what we had!

And then we headed to "the rock". Unfortunately rock had a lovely moat around it, but that didn't stop Wyatt and Izzy.

The result of 'the moat'. =)

Thanks for a fun afternoon Chris and Andrea, can't wait for the jeep shoot this spring!