Sunday, February 28, 2010

California Trip

We had an amazing time on vacation this past week! It was 70 degrees and sunny in California every day, it was about an 80 degree difference compared to Iowa! Here are some of my favorite pictures.

This is the best picture that I have with my awesome aunt and uncle that we stayed with. We celebrated Matt's and Mark's birthdays- make a wish!

Breakfast outdoors in the sun, need I say more?

Disney!!! Oh how I love Disney! Matt had never been to Disneyland before (or Disney world) so I was so flipping excited to show him everything! I worked at Disney world for 5 months in college so I was so excited to show him everything that I had learned to love!

Getting ready for the 3d bug's life show- loved it!

The San Diego Zoo's wild animal park. So neat!

We were able to go on a segway tour through the "Asian" animal part, it was a blast!

Matt completed his first race ever- the Pasadena 1/2 marathon. It was so neat to watch him accomplish this. I nearly cried with the gun started, and when he finished too.

Hanging with Buster- my aunt and uncle's cat, love him!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Off to California!

Matt and I are off to California today!! I CAN'T WAIT to get some awesome photographs while I'm gone. I'll try to post a few favorites while I'm gone, otherwise I'll get some up as soon as we get back.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A wintery, foggy mix

A few weeks ago we had some crazy weather here in Iowa. I was out at my dad's farm and got this photograph. I think it depicts a perfect, wintery Iowa day. And although at this time of the year I've had just about enough of winter in Iowa, it is darn beautiful sometimes.

And this would be my dad's dog Wilson (who I picked out as a puppy at the shelter one day when my dad was out of town). He is now the best dog EVER! He is a huge sweetie and LOVES to ride around with my dad while he is working. This picture was taken during the ice climbing competition (you can read more about it here on my personal blog). He was EXHAUSTED and landed on this couch in one of the barns- too cute!