Friday, October 29, 2010

Isaiah- one of our favorite little boys!

I can't believe that we just did Isaiah's 9 month pictures, and soon he'll be one year old!!! We have had the pleasure of doing Isaiah's first pictures ever- in his mom's belly! And his newborn pictures, and 3, 6, and now 9 month pictures too! We just can't seem to get enough of this little cutie. This little boy has been SO EASY each and every time that we have taken his pictures, this session only took about 45 minutes because he does everything with the cutest smile. I'm hoping we can figure out how to get his one year old pictures in since our baby is due the same week as his first birthday... keeping our fingers crossed that we can figure it out, right Jackee? =)

Enjoy the little man's pictures!

Could he be any cuter in this hat?!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pease Family

This is the first session that we have had the pleasure of photographing a stuffed animal. =) Grass is Will's best buddy, so naturally Will wanted Grass to have a a few pictures of his own, to which we said sure. I guess it proves that we will do anything to make a kid smile.

This family might take the take for the best put together outfits. Although Kristin says she spent hours getting the outfits figured out, I still think it was time well spent. If you are looking for outfit suggestions for your next pictures, take a few hints from these guys; two main colors complimented throughout everyone's outfits, yet each outfit is totally unique- I love it!

I love when couples ask to have a few pictures taken alone of them! I think it's so neat to have some just "mom & dad" pictures taken too!

How cute are these two?!

And how can you not laugh when you see this?!

Monday, October 25, 2010

"I want Matt in our pictures!"

The title of this post, says it all. Luke, the adorable little boy in these pictures, asked at one point if Matt could be in his pictures. =) I was tempted to say ok to this cute face, but I don't think his mom and dad would have gone for "that" family picture.

This family was all laughs and so relaxed, plus we had a perfect day for pictures, what a perfect combination!

Thanks for spending a beautiful afternoon with us Joe, Michelle, Nathalie & Luke!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Malcolm- 2011 Senior

Malcolm and his mom were superstars for these pictures! They drove from Chicago late Saturday afternoon and met us at 9pm to do a few night pictures that Matt had thought would be super neat... turned out he was right! Malcolm is going to be studying music at college, and is looking into the trumpet AND cello, so we incorporated them both into a night shot, love it!

We met up again Sunday to take some pictures in the day time. We ended our session by sneaking into a local performing arts center to get these last shots, it was totally worth it- even if everyone continued to ask Malcolm if he was the entertainment for the bridal show that was going on a few hours after we were there.

Best of luck with your senior year Malcolm, and good luck making your decision about which college you will attend!re tehre. =)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grinstead Family

Matt and I always have a hoot when we photograph the Grinstead family. Last year they were our VERY FIRST clients! They took a huge chance with us and we had a blast, and their pictures weren't too shabby for the first pictures ever! =)

They asked us to do family pictures for them again this year, and for a very awesome reason (well one of the reasons anyway)... Maggie has worked SO hard to get into better shape, and looks amazing (You rock Maggie!)!!! Without waiting any longer, here are the newest Grinstead family pictures!

Thanks for another great session Grinsteads! See you again next fall? =)