Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Baby Tobias

It's always so intense when a soon to be mom has booked a newborn session and we both sit and wait for the babe to come, so that we can do the session. =) Little Tobias had no intentions of coming out of mom and letting us take his newborn pictures. So after some serious patience and waiting by Shelby and Tim he finally came, and he is beautiful.

Could this family be any cuter?!

There's something about a new mom loving on her babe that I just love!

Toby was such a little trooper for his session, he pretty much let his mom,dad and I do whatever we wanted. See what I mean? He laid there so nicely while Tim placed these Christmas decorations around him, I love it!

Tim leads all of the music at our church, so it was only appropriate to get some pictures of Toby with his instruments.

Shelby had some of the neatest "things" and ideas for Tobias' pictures, I was IN LOVE with all of the antiques that she had pulled for ideas. How adorable is this with his initials?!

And this hat- how ADORABLE!

Tim and Shelby, thanks for a great evening together, it was so fun to meet you three! I can't wait to watch Toby continue to grow and change!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Whitney & Joey: Engagement Session

Meet Whitney and Joey, the first couple to book a wedding with us!

Whitney and Joey live in Texas, so when they knew they were going to be back home for the holidays they got a hold of us to schedule their engagement pictures... for the middle of winter. =) To say that I was worried about the weather was an understatement, I was petrified that it would be freezing outside and we would have to stick with mostly indoor pictures, even though they really wanted outdoor. Boy did we luck out! I'm not saying it wasn't cold, because it definitely was, but it was tolerable. You can't even tell that they're freezing, can you?!

Whitney and Joey were up for anything! They even had a snowball fight, this would be the end result of the snowball fight... a little bear hugging love. =)

We even were able to make a stop at the coffee shop where they had their first date, love it!

There's something about couples that are engaged that makes them glow, I love capturing that love and glow during engagement pictures. Do they not look ridiculously happy here?
Whitney, seriously... are you are GORGEOUS!!

Thanks for a fun winter session guys, can't wait to spend your wedding day with you!