Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter In Iowa

Ok, so I've been bad, really bad. I haven't posted any pictures on this blog for quite some time (although I have been posting a ton on our "familiy" blog, so that gets me off the hook a little bit, right? =). So accept my apologies and enjoy some pictures of the awesomeness that Iowa winters can provide. (The color isn't the greatest, we attempted to take these when it was getting dark).

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thank you!

I just wanted to take a second and say thank you to everyone who took time to vote for me, or leave a comment in the Soar Photography Scholarship contest. I truly appreciate you all believing in me.

Although I didn't win the scholarship, I do feel like I am personally making huge gains with photography right now. We have been asked by tons of people lately to do their spring family pictures, we are thrilled with the excitement and response by so many of you about our new endeavor! (Side Note: If you've been thinking of getting family pictures taken this spring and have a date in mind, we'd LOVE to capture your special family moments so feel free to get a date nailed down with us!)

So thank you again to all of you who supported me in the contest, I am so thankful for all of your support!

*We recently got some AWESOME new equipment that I'll have to blog about soon. Still trying to make a final decision on some lighting stuff, I'll post when we get it all figured out.*

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Isaiah's Newborn Photos

A few days ago I got to do a shoot with Shane & Jackee (you may remember them from this maternity session) and their brand new baby boy Isaiah. We had so much fun with this shoot.

I love this idea (thanks to my lovely husband) Isaiah laying in the book of Isaiah in the Bible, so neat!

Isaiah was born just hours short of my birthday, so I already had to love this little guy!

A little bit mad...

Doesn't Jackee look AMAZING for having a 2 week old!

And because Shane is a HUGE Laker's fan, the Lakers hat made an appearance.

He is such a sweetie, I just LOVED this yawn.

Shane & Jackee are so sweet with Isaiah, it's fun to be around and watch the three of them interact. Thanks for letting us be apart of the little man's first few days!