Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Martin Twins

Meet Lila...
and Joey.

Lila & Joey couldn't be any sweeter if they tried; see what I mean?!

They were absolutely perfect for the entire hour and a half shoot- do you know how amazing that is for 3 month olds?! They were so darn relaxed and sweet and smiley. Matt and I had so much fun with these two and their grandma. Mom took her other two kids and left to do some errands while we did all of these- what a fun surprise to show her what we got!

As we were just getting packed up the twins started to get a bit fussy, so Grandma and I each took a baby, the next thing you know they are both sound asleep... so what naturally ran through my mind? MORE PICTURES! We were able to get these next ones just before we left, I love them!

Twin shoots can be quite the challenge, but I think they are turning out to be some of my favs, and super rewarding too!

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