Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chris, Andrea, Izzy & Wyatt

This afternoon Matt and I got to spend some time with Chris, Andrea, Izzy & Wyatt. Izzy and Wyatt had a ton of energy, so we had quite the time keeping up! They were up for just about anything that we suggested, gotta love people who are up for anything!

The whole family

Andrea wanted a few pictures of just her and Chris, I LOVE this idea! It's not very often that parents will get pictures alone, it should definitely be done more often!

The kids

We headed outside for a few pictures. It was only about 40 degrees and VERY foggy, but we worked with what we had!

And then we headed to "the rock". Unfortunately rock had a lovely moat around it, but that didn't stop Wyatt and Izzy.

The result of 'the moat'. =)

Thanks for a fun afternoon Chris and Andrea, can't wait for the jeep shoot this spring!

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